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A short glance... my curriculum vitae


The 22nd of Febrary 1980 was the (at least for me) important date of my birth.
At the age of six I decided to go to elementary school, but the teachers there deported me to high school after four years. In June 1999 I graduated from aforementioned Robert Mayer High School and the following prizes were awarded to me: Robert Mayer Youth Prize of the city of Heilbronn for best results in natural sciences, Prize of the German Chemical Industry Association for best results in chemistry and finally a school prize for very good overall results.
In September 1999 I started to do my 11 months of social service instead of military service and finished it in June 2000. Until fall 2000 I was building firewalls and programming an electronic catalogue for jewelry.
In October 2000 I started to study Bioinformatics and Chemistry at the University of Tübingen, Germany.
My programming skills are viewable only on the German version of this page, the English version was woefully out of date.

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